Jewelry Care

Always keep your jewelry free of perfumes, water, lotions and powders in order to avoid rapid tarnishing/breakdown of metals and materials.
πŸ’ŽAlways ROLL your bracelets on over your hand one at a time. Avoid over stretching. Too much tension will eventually cause your bracelet to break
πŸ’ŽAlways remove your bracelets before going to bed, immersing yourself in water, and before rigorous physical activity (ex: working out)
A good rule of thumb is thisβ€” your fashion jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out of the door and one of the first things you take off after coming home. From time to time, clean your jewelry with a soft cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth. This will keep your jewelry shining and remove the body oils/perfume/lotions that could damage the finish on your jewelry over time.
Our Beaded Bracelets are "one size fits most". On average, our women's beaded bracelets are 7in. Most bracelets are available for adjustments (if you need them bigger or smaller) for an additional fee.